Advanced Combat Helmet

Model: Kase Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH)
Type: Personal Armour
Protection: Head (+2D Physical, +1D Energy)
Availability: 2, R
Cost: 900 Credits, plus extras (see below)
Notes: This helmet has its own power supply and may have up to four of the options below at the additional cost indicated.

Option 1:

Type: IR Imaging
Cost: 300 Credits
Effect: Grants the user heat based vision, effective range of 200m.

Option 2

Type: Starlight Vision
Cost: 300 Credits
Effect: Grants the user night vision, effective range of 200m. Doesn't work in complete darkness.

Option 3

Type: Macrobinoculars
100 Credits
Effect: +3D to search, for objects over 100m away.

Option 4

Type: Environment Filters
Cost: 50 Credits
Effect: Can maintain a Type I or II atmosphere within the helmet and filters out harmful molecules and odors. Works only in Type I or II atmospheres.

Option 5

Type: Flash Guard Visor
Cost: 250 Credits
Effect: Nullifies all stun damage from visual sources (e.g. Flash grenades).

Option 6

Type: Passive Sensors
Cost: 400 Credits
Effect: +1D to search, for objects under 50m away. +1D Perception.

Option 7

Type: Ranged Weapons Sensors
Cost: 500 Credits
Effect: +1D to all ranged weapons rolls.

Option 8

Type: Multi Channel Comlink
Cost: 120 Credits
Effect: Multi Channel Comlink with encoding and a 50km range.

Option 9

Sound Sensors
Cost: 200 Credits
Effect: +1D to search or Perception. Only applies in quiet situations.

Capsule: The ACH is one of Kase's latest products aimed at bounty hunters, mercenaries and planetary forces. The Duratheen helmet is very flexible and can be customized for a number of mission profiles. This flexibility is achieved by offering the customer a wide number of module options, which dictate the helmet's performance and properties. Some of the modules available include IR vision, Flash Guard visor and sound sensors to name but a few. Unfortunately, this flexibility is only present during the helmet's construction and once made, the helmet's options may not be changed. The ACH has a 'V' shaped view plate giving it an almost predatory look, and has been dubbed by many as the Velker (a 'V' shaped flying predator from the clouds of Bespin).

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