Auto Defence Laser (ADL)

Model: Lorrad Corp. Auto Defence Laser (ADL)
Type: Auto Laser Cannon
Scale: Starfighter
Cost: 5,000 Credits
Fire Arc: Turret*
Range: 1-5/10/20
Damage: 3D+2
Notes: Once the targets have been assigned to the ADL via the starship's sensor operator, it will fire once a round at the nearest target during that round using 4D Starship Gunnery. When using multiple ADLs the Combined Actions rules maybe used to fire upon a single target.

If the starship's sensor array is not functioning for any reason the ADL is unable to operator until the array is repaired.

*Whilst the unit is turret, its fire arcs are dependant on its placement on the vessel itself and as such will effect which targets it's capable of firing at. If the nearest target is not in its line of sight, then it will fire at the next nearest target and so on.

Capsule: Lorrad Corp.'s Auto Defence Laser (ADL) is the company's latest entry in the starship weapons market, and is aimed at both the military and commercial organisations. The ADL is a droid controlled laser turret that hooks directly into a starship's sensor array for targeting information. This enables the sensor operator to assign targets to the ADL, which selects the nearest target to fire upon. When multiple ADLs are being employed, they share the same targeting information allowing several ADLs to be brought to bear on a single target.

The unit itself is little more than an armoured cube with a laser turret mounted on top of it. The body contains all the control systems necessary to operate the turret and once attached, all it requires is a power supply, a link to the sensor array and some slight modifications to the starship's sensor software to operate.

Initial sales of the ADL have been quite good, despite its low power, low rate of fire and high cost. It has been particularly successful with haulage companies who have limited crew aboard their starships that are frequently attacked by pirates and Rebels.

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