The following collection of articles are designed to enhance your Adventures within the Star Wars Universe


  Adventure Modules By Various Authors
  A collection of downloadable Adventure Modules for your campaigns  
  Alliance Command Structure  
  Outlines the ranks that I use for the Alliance's Armed forces By Dean Magill
  Avarrè Alien Legion (118KB)  
  The name evokes images of honourable beings fighting valiantly in exotic far-away places. At least that’s what the holos would have you believe... By Matthew Paxton
  Creatures of the Galaxy  
  This article covers a few of the many exotic creatures that roam the Galaxy By Various Authors


  Fake IDs  
  This article addresses Fake IDs in the Star Wars universe By Dean Magill
  GM's Handbook 2nd Edition (1.8 MB)  
  This updated sourcebook contains 13 chapters of material for your games and covers a large portion of the material available at TORIS By Dean Magill and Various Authors/Artists
  Imperial Asteroid Prison Facility (293 KB)  
  Download floor plans for an Imperial Asteroid Prison Facility By Neil Creek
NEW Infonet Newsfeed  
  This is a collection of Infonet newsfeeds from our current campaign. They could be weaved into your game or be a source of inspiration By Dean Magill and Jon Conway
UPDATED Random Name Generator  
  This downloadable Excel spreadsheet will randomly generate a name for your private & military starships, human names and planets at a touch of a button. Version 4.11 of this generator can create over 45,000 Private starship names, over 12,000 military starship names, over 285,000 male human names, over 203,000 female human names and over 48,000 planet names!! By Dean Magill
  Starship Crew  
  This is a set of rules designed to produce a reasonable crew number for military capital-class combat starships. It takes game statistics into account and produces an overall crew number as well as a breakdown of crew positions By Chris Curtis, Ben Flood-Paddock & Dean Magill
  A Short Story  
  This short story could provide an interesting introduction to one of your adventures By Dean Magill
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