Blom III

Name: Blom III
System: Blom
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Agricultural, Plains, Forest, Mountains, Urban
Length of Day: 25 hours
Length of Year: 360 Standard Days
Satellites: N/A
Sapient Species: Humans (N) & Various Aliens
Population: 2 million
Major Starport: Lorah (Standard Class)
Capital City: Lorah
Planet Function: Agriculture/Biotechnology
Government: Imperial Governor
Tech. Level: Hyperspace
Planet Defences: 1 Wing TIE's
Major Exports: Food, beverages, Pharmaceuticals (also narcotics)
Major Imports: Metals, mid and high technology


Adventure Ideas

The group is engaged to locate a missing person. The individual is eventually tracked down to a research centre, which is cover for a Red Weed processing and smuggling operation.

The group is hired to steal a sample of a newly isolated bacterial strain that may produce the cure to a Bacta resistant illness.

Medicines are required for the Rebellion, and Blom III, with its low Imperial presence, seems just the place to get them.

Capsule: Blom III is the third planet in the star system of the same name. Discovered in the expansion period of the Old Republic, it has no sapient native lifeforms. The planet lacks extensive mineral deposits, but does boast fertile soil and well-stocked fisheries. The planets principle activity is agriculture, together with an associated food processing industry. The vast forests have yielded a number of useful medicinal plants, and with these as a draw, several major biotech companies have established research centres on the planet. A by-product of this rich biology is the notorious "Red Weed", a powerful, and restricted, narcotic. The presence of Red Weed has attracted interest in the planet from several well known criminal organisations, including "Nexus".

The changeover to Imperial rule led to the installation of an Imperial Governor, currently the post is held by Governor Caligula. He rules with a light hand (and with only 2 companies of Stormtroopers), and is quite popular. A civilian law enforcement agency handles the majority of legal issues. It is illegal to possess grenades on Blom III, or to pass through customs carrying anything more potent than a Sporting Blaster Pistol. Stun weapons are acceptable, and certain weapon types can be held on cultural grounds (if you can persuade the Customs official that it is part of your native heritage). Cultural weapons will be fastened with a "Peace Braid", a coloured ribbon denoting peaceful intent on behalf of the wielder. If you remove the braid, or are caught red handed in combat, make sure you have a good explanation!

Places of Interest

Name: Lorah Star Port
Starport Type: Local
Traffic: Moderate
Control: Controller
Landing: Homing Beacon
Docking Areas: Landing Pads, Docking Bays
Docking Fee: 60 Credits/Day
Customs: Yes
Services: Storage, Food, Lodge
Capsule: Lorah Star Port can handle a maximum of 100 vessels. The largest are bulk carriers ferrying food products.

Name: Arnie's
Type: Tapcafe
Owner: Cyral Schwarz
Capacity: 500
Seating: Seating arrangements vary during the day. Private rooms are available for hire.
Services: Food, Drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) Cyral prides himself on the wide range of beverages he can offer the thirsty traveller. Food is cheap, but not spectacular. Arnie's is THE place to be seen in Lorah (but it also caters for those who prefer to remain anonymous.
Capsule: Arnie's is located just outside Lorah spaceport

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