Captain Ma'shi 'Boss' - Alliance Special Forces Squad Leader

Ma'shi, like most Kadas'sa Nikto, is dark green in colour with two black orbs for eyes. She stands at 1.63m in height and is of medium build for her race. She is a proud, fearless and ferocious fighter, who rarely shies away when challenged. She is thirty three years old and whilst most Nikto tend to be fairly humourless, all the time Ma'shi has spent with the Alliance has given her a very dry sense of humour. As Bravo Strike Team's leader, she has led them to success after success. In part, this is due to her love of ingenuity and unorthodox tactics.

Dexterity 3D
Blaster 6D; Brawling Parry 4D; Dodge 6D; Firearms 4D; Grenade 4D; Melee Combat 4D+2; Melee Parry 4D+2; Running 3D+2

Knowledge 2D+1
Streetwise 3D+2; Survival 5D; Tactics 4D; Tactics: Special Ops 5D+1; Willpower 4D

Mechanical 2D+1
Astrogation 3D; Beast Riding 3D+1; Communications 4D; Jet Pack Operation 4D+2; Repulsorlift Ops 4D; Sensors 4D; Space Transports 4D+1; Starship Gunnery 3D+1; Starship Shields 3D+2

Perception 3D
Command 4D+2; Hide 5D; Investigation 4D; Search 5D; Sneak 6D

Strength 3D
Brawling 4D+2; Climbing/Jump 4D

Technical 2D
Blaster Repair 3D+2; Computer Prog/Repair 3D; Demolitions 3D+2; First Aid 4D; Security 3D

Racial Abilities:
(Natural eye-shielding of a transparent substance. Does not suffer from adverse effects caused by sandstorms or similar conditions. Vision underwater does not blur);
(+1D to Climbing and STR+2 Damage)

Race: Kadas'sa Nikto
Gender: Female
Move: 10
Force Sensistive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side points: 0
Character Points: 12

Equipment: Sensor Pod - +1D to Search Rolls; Night Vision Goggles - 500m Range; Marcobinoculars; 50m of Syntherope; Military Long Range Comlink; Datapad; Medpac; 1 Power Pack; 2 Ammo Clips

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