Cuirass II

Name: Cuirass II
System: Cuirass
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Plains, Forest, Mountains, Urban, Oceans
Length of Day: 24.5 hours
Length of Year: 322 Standard Days
Satellites: 1
Sapient Species: Humans & Various Aliens
Population: 752,000
Major Starport: Farwood Starport
Capital City: Farwood
Planet Function: Mining Colony
Government: Corporate
Tech. Level: Hyperspace
Major Exports: Ores and processed Ores.
Major Imports: Weapons, luxury goods, Wines & Spirits, Food and Vehicles

Capsule: Cuirass II is the second planet in the Cuirass system and is one of seven planets that orbits the system's star. The Cuirass System is located in the Outer Rim territories and is located between the Hydian Way and the Perlemian Trade Routes and is approximately three hours from the Hydian Way Trade Route.

The planet's atmosphere has some unusual properties, which not only fragments blaster bolts making blasters useless on the planet, but it actual breaks blaster gas down making it unusable. These properties give the planet a large amount of protection from orbital attacks as well as assault forces bearing blaster weaponry.

This pleasant, lush planet is owned by Baker Co., who are a large inter-galactic company which specialise in speeder manufacturing, but also have a number of other interests. These interests include mining, ore processing, starship production and mining equipment.

Originally everyone who lived on Cuirass II worked for Baker Co., but over the years as the population increased, people now work for other companies as well as Baker Co. Since first settling the planet, Baker Co. has built around 180 mining compounds, which mine the planet's ore rich crust. However, around two years ago (the year of the Battle of Yavin) Baker Co.'s sales slumped and forced the company to sell off a number of the company's assets including a number of the planet's mining compounds. Proll Industries, a major competitor, bought sixty of Baker Co.'s mining compounds.


Adventure Ideas

The characters are hired by one of the companies as extra security just before the hostile take over begins.

The characters are hired by one of the companies to make an ore cargo run and they have to avoid the other company's fighters.

Cuirass II only has four major cities and a few small villages. The two largest cities, Farwood and Silver Vale, are roughly located along the planet's equator and are approximately 50km apart. Most of the mining compounds are located near these two cities. Lomat is in the Northern Hemisphere, whilst Collean is in the Southern Hemisphere. Proll Industries own the majority of the southern mining compounds and most of their employees live in Collean.

The public Starport is located at Farwood, and is relatively small. Both Baker Co. and Proll Industries have starports designed for much larger starships and are located in Silver Vale and Collean respectively.

Cuirass II has a small police force, which is responsible for public safety whilst both Baker Co. and Proll Industries maintain their own security forces, the Baker Guard and Proll Security Force (PSF). Over the last couple of months tensions between Baker Co. and Proll Industries have increased dramatically, resulting in both sides taking on mercenaries as 'extra security'. Proll Industries recently attempted a 'hostile take over', resulting in them seizing nearly twenty mining compounds.

Places of Interest

Name: Farwood Starport
Starport Type: Local
Traffic: Quiet
Control: Controller
Landing: Homing Beacon
Docking Areas: Landing Pads, Docking Bays
Docking Fee: 30 Credits/Day
Customs: Yes
Services: Storage, Food, Lodge
Capsule: Farwood Starport can handle a maximum of 20 vessels

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