The Shadowport of Drex IV

Name: Drex
System: XP6-45642A
Type: Gas Giant
Temperature: Moderate
Atmosphere: Type III
Hydrosphere: Arid
Gravity: Extremely High
Terrain: Gaseous Layers
Length of Day: 31 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 320 Local Days
Sentient Species: -
Starports: -
Population: -
Planet Function: -
Government: -
Tech Level: -
Major Exports: -
Major Imports: -
Addendum: Drex has four satellites and is the only planet that orbits the white-yellow star, XP6-45642A. The system was discovered approximately 200 years before the Galactic Civil War and is located in the Mid-Rim, between the Hydian Way and the Perlemian Trade Routes. The milky blue gas giant is continuously ravaged by ion storms, creating an incredible display of untamed beauty. These ion storms make it virtually impossible for any starship to enter the planet's atmosphere. As a result, the explorer who discovered the system deemed it worthless and a simply catalogued the system under a codename, rather than giving it a proper name.

Since its discovery and up until about 10 years ago (before the Galactic Civil War) the system has been largely deserted. Travis Jamerson stumbled across the system whilst on the run from Imperial Customs, who wanted him for doing some illegal upgrades on a number private starships. The lucky random jump led him to discover the system and its planet, which was still unnamed at this point. Travis fell in love with the blue gas-giant that was raging before him and named it Drex after his dead father.

Drex's Moons

Name: Drex I
Type: Satellite
Orbit Type: Polar
Temperature: Cool
Atmosphere: Type IV
Gravity: Low
Terrain: Barren, Chasms, Plains
Addendum: Drex I is light brown in colour and is the first satellite that orbits the gas giant Drex. The moon's most distinguishing feature is a large black spot on the moon's surface, this is known as the Pupil to residents of Drex IV. The moon's other distinguishing feature is the fact that it has a decaying orbit around Drex. It is believed that the moon will enter gas giant's atmosphere in about five hundred years with unknown consequences. Many people believe that the Pupil is the impact point of an asteroid, which is responsible for dooming the moon. The moon itself has little in the way of mineral wealth.

Name: Drex II
Type: Satellite
Orbit Type: Equatorial
Temperature: Cool
Atmosphere: Type IV
Gravity: Low
Terrain: Barren, Mountains
Addendum: Drex II is dark grey in colour and is the second satellite that orbits the gas giant Drex. This moon is highly unstable and is racked daily by powerful earthquakes. The moon has quite a high concentration of iron and copper buried beneath its surface, unfortunately due to the moon's instability mining these valuable minerals isn't a viable option.

Name: Drex III
Type: Satellite
Orbit Type: Equatorial
Temperature: Cool
Atmosphere: Type IV
Gravity: Low
Terrain: Barren, Chasms
Addendum: Drex III is milky grey in colour and is the third satellite that orbits the gas giant Drex. The moon is fairly stable and quite unremarkable. It has little in the way of mineral wealth and as a result has never been inhabited.

Name: Drex IV
System: XP6-45642A
Type: Satellite
Orbit Type: Diagonal
Temperature: Moderate
Atmosphere: Type I in Chasms, Type IV on the surface
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Low/Standard
Terrain: Barren, Caves, Chasms
Sentient Species: Humans & Various Aliens
Population: 879 (Approximately 80% transient)
Major Starport: Sundown Star Port
Planet Function: Shadow Port
Government: Baron Administrator
Tech. Level: Hyperspace
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, Luxury Goods, Water, Fuels, Weapons
Addendum: Drex IV is dark grey in colour and is the fourth satellite that orbits the gas giant Drex. Due to the moon being quite large and having a dense core, its gravity is somewhat higher than most moons and is comparable to some small planets. It has little in the way of mineral wealth, but it does have a number of underground springs, which have created a number of cave networks beneath the moon's surface. The moon's surface is a barren rocky wasteland with numerous deep chasms. These chasms, however, are covered in large thick lichens that have grown up from the banks of the underground springs. These lichens, combined with the moon's gravity, have created an atmosphere that clings to the surface of the chasms, making them habitable.

When Travis stumbled across the moon he decided to relocate his operations since the Imperials knew where his workshop and base of operations were. Travis built a small workshop and hanger in a large chasm in the northern hemisphere. Over the years a number of Travis' friends and associates have settled on the moon and a small town has sprung up, called Sundown. Other additions include a starport, a Tapcafe and a number of shops.

Baron Administrator Felix Hice, Travis' best friend, now runs Sundown and since he's been in control the number of amenities available have dramatically increased. Drex IV has a very small local militia that is made up of retired smugglers, blockade runners and friends of Felix and Travis. Most Inter-Galactic laws are enforced (murder, theft, etc), the only real exception is cargo laws, which are generally ignored. The only exception to this is Slave cargoes, and anyone found with a cargo of slaves will find themselves with a long stint in the local cells.

Drex IV is generally a quiet place, which is ideal for the criminal elements of the Galaxy to lay low in. Since the development of Drex IV there have been no sightings of Imperial forces.

Places of Interest

Name: Sundown Star Port
Starport Type: Local
Traffic: Quiet
Control: Controller
Landing: Homing Beacon
Docking Areas: Landing Pads, Docking Bays
Docking Fee: 60 Credits/Day
Customs: None
Services: Storage, Food, Lodge
Addendum: Sundown Star Port is quite large if you consider the size of Sundown itself, but compared to other starports it's pretty average. The port is located on the eastern side of the town. The port has ten docking bays capable of holding a starship up to 70m in length. The port also has thirty landing pads capable of holding a starship up to 40m in length.

Name: Mercenary's Hope
Type: Tapcafe
Owner: Olan Meth
Capacity: 100
Seating: 15 tables (4 per table); 5 booths (6 per booth); 10 barstools
Services: Food, Drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
Addendum: The Mercenary's Hope is located in the town square in the centre of Sundown, directly opposite the Bulletin Board. The Mercenary's Hope has one double door entrance leading out into the square (south wall). Inside, the bar runs the entire length of the back wall (north wall) and is manned by Olan and two or three various aliens. The Booths are located along the left wall (west wall) and there is small stage running along the right wall (east wall). The Tapcafe is open from 10am to 4am and is usually at least half full.

Name: Bulletin Board
Type: Job Message Board
Addendum: The Bulletin Board is a large rectangular pillar located in the centre of the town square. On each side of the pillar there is a large vid screen and several standard data ports. Displayed on each of these screens are current jobs that are available. Each screen displays a different type of job, these include Bounty Postings, Cargo Runs, Escorting and Miscellaneous. The information about any particular job may be downloaded to a Datapad via the Board's data ports. The Bulletin Board is used by all sorts of groups including Mercenary Groups, Smuggling Groups, the Empire and the Alliance (Both the Empire and the Alliance use independent agents for posting purposes).

Name: Jarad's Armoury
Type: Weapons & Equipment Store
Owner: Jarad Maloy
Addendum: Jarad's Armoury is the place to go in Sundown for personal weaponry and equipment, if Jarad hasn't got it he can usually get it in perhaps a week or two. He also offers a repair and upgrade service at a reasonable fee (between 1.5 and 2 times the usual repair/upgrade cost depending on your bargaining skills). The shop is located in the town square opposite the famous Mercenary's Hope Tapcafe.

Name: Travis' Place
Type: Starship Workshop
Owner: Travis Jamerson
Addendum: Travis' Place is owned by possibly one of the most renowned starship mechanics in the Galaxy, Travis Jamerson. Travis offers repair and upgrade services for starfighters & space transports. He also stocks supplies for starships. Travis is capable of squeezing greater efficiency from almost any piece of equipment, as a result he can upgrade any piece of equipment way beyond their usual level of operation (may upgrade starships an extra pip above their usual allowance (up to 2D rather than 1D+2) if he does all repairing and upgrading). His legendary skills come at a high price usually (between 2.5 and 3 times the usual repair/upgrade cost depending on your bargaining skills), unless you're a friend. Travis has a number apprentices which may repair starships at a slightly cheaper rate (between 2 and 2.5 times the usual repair/upgrade cost). Travis' place is located on the western side of Sundown Star Port.

People of Interest

Name: Rrykk
Species: Wookiee
Occupation: Rebel Agent
Description: Rrykk's fur is dark grey with patches of dark brown and his eyes are an intense green. Even by Wookiee standards Rrykk is very well built. Rrykk is capable of speaking Basic because he has speech impediment and apart from growling his R's his speech is perfectly understandable. Like many Wookiees of his generation he was once a slave to the Empire until the Rebel Alliance rescued him. He feels that he must repay the Alliance and as a result has become a Rebel agent. Due to his impressive appearance and his ability to speak Basic Rrykk has been assigned to Drex IV. His duties include contract posting, intelligence and recruitment.

Name: Travis Jamerson
Species: Human
Occupation: Starship Mechanic
Description: Travis is short stocky man, who's once jet-black hair is steadily becoming grey. He has brown beady eyes and a large pair of eyebrows that seem to be in a constant frown. Travis is a friendly and charming man, if a little grumpy. Travis is a renowned starship mechanic whose skills are in high demand through the Galaxy, as a result he is continuously busy. When not working Travis can usually be found in the Mercenary's Hope Tapcafe sharing stories with friends over a cup of stimcafe. Travis is the founder of Drex IV and he also owns Travis' Place.

Name: Olan Meth
Species: Ortolan
Occupation: Tapcafe Owner
Description: Like all Ortolans Olan has deep blue skin and black button eyes. He wears a black eye patch over his left eye, which he claims to have lost during a fight with a Gamorrean. Olan is a great source of general information and contacts on Drex IV.

The Militia

Drex IV's Militia is made up of retired Smugglers, ex-Blockade Runners and ex-Mercenaries. The Militia fill the role of a police force on Drex IV, keeping the peace and enforcing the law. Due to the nature of Drex IV the Militia generally turns a blind eye towards starship cargoes (except Slave cargoes). The Militia is made up of both males and females from the many races in the galaxy. Members of the Militia wear charcoal grey jump suits with navy blue trimmings. They also wear a blast vest and helmet. The Militia currently has 10 fulltime members and approximately 20 reserve members.

Dexterity 2D+1
Blaster 4D+2, Brawling Parry 4D, Dodge 4D+1, Melee Combat 4D, Melee Parry 4D

Knowledge 2D
Law Enforcement 4D, Streetwise 4D+2

Mechanical 2D+2
Space Transports 4D

Perception 2D

Strength 3D
Brawling 4D+1

Technical 2D
First Aid 3D+2

Equipment: Blast Vest (+1D physical, +1 energy); Blast Helmet (+1D physical, +1 energy); Blaster Pistol (4D+1); Stun Baton (STR+2D Stun); Comlink; Datapad

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