"This site is really very, very, very good. Go and book mark it. Or I'll have to consider coming 'round your house and biting your knees."

                                              -Ben Flood-Paddock, Star Wars RPG Reviewed Sites

elcome to Elrood Sector, home of the 'Tales of the Freespirit' campaign! Here you will find not only enjoyable Star Wars fiction, featuring the exploits of my RPG gaming group, but also game data and information about everything described herein, accompanied by great, original fan art!

This site expands upon, but doesn't plagiarize, the Elrood sector created by West End Games in their books The Star Wars Planets Collection and Star Wars: Operation Elrood. If you don't have these two books (not to mention the rest of WEG's fine material), I urge you to go and pick them up today... if you can find 'em! Star Wars itself is, of course, a registered trademark of Lucasfilm and its related companies. Mine is a simple fan site, created for the enjoyment of the Star Wars gaming community.

And now, welcome to Elrood sector! Please choose your destination:


and introducing...

The Tales of the Freespirit Space Combat Game!

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