Model: BlasTech Corp. Guardsman
Type: Automatic Sentry Gun
Scale: Character
Ammo: 100*
Cost: 9,500
Body: 5D+1
Fire Rate: 2
Range: 2/10/25
Damage: 4D+1
Notes: The Guardsman has a sophisticated droid targeting system that will fire upon anything that moves within its range. The Guardsman will fire twice a turn using Blaster 4D for each shot until the target is eliminated or leaves its range.

*If the unit is connected to a power supply, e.g. mains supply or portable power generator, the Guardsman will not run out of ammo unless the power supply is exhausted.

Capsule: BlasTech's Guardsman is designed to provide a static automatic point defence system. The Guardsman's vertical cylindrical body, which is 450mm high and 200mm in diameter, is mounted on four 'L' shaped support legs that suspend the body 500mm from the ground. A turret mounted twin blaster cannon is positioned on top of the unit's body. The blaster cannons have movement within a range of +20 to -10 degrees from the horizontal. This vertical movement is available through the full rotational axis of the turret. The body of the unit contains the Guardsman's droid brain, sensor equipment, powerpack and socket for a power supply cable. The unit can be powered by its powerpack or it can be connected to a mains supply or portable power generator.

To set the Guardsman up, it is placed in the area it will defend and turned on. It then remains in standby mode until it is activated via a small handset, which has a range of 300m. Once activated the unit scans the local area until it detects a moving object within twenty five meters of it. Once an object is detected, the droid brain will attempt to fire on the target until it is destroyed or moves out of range. Should another moving object enter the Guardsman's range, it will ignore it until the initial target is destroyed. The unit may be deactivated by the handset at any time.

The Guardsman is seeing use throughout the Galaxy and is used by the Empire, security firms and large corporations. They are usually used to guard important or remote locations, however, a few have been used onboard starships to augment their defences against boarding parties.

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