Drawn Initiative

When the initiative is a draw the all actions in the action phase happen simultaneously. This represents the situation where neither side has the upper hand. This means that everyone will be able to act in the round even if they end up unconscious or dead. The side with the highest Perception may choose whether to declare first or second, in the result of a draw both sides roll a D6 and the highest may decide. Both sides declare actions in the normal manner. The side who declared first goes first as usual. First actions on both sides are taken, regardless of whether a character would not normally be allowed to act. This will sometimes require a bit of the GM's discretion, as the will be times when two things may not happen. All injuries are applied at the end of each action phase. This process continues until both sides have taken all their actions.

Example: Aves and Jarre are facing off four Stormtroopers in a firefight. Both sides roll 14 for initiative so all actions will be simultaneous this round. Both the Stormtroopers and Aves have 2D Perception so both sides roll a D6 to determine the winner. Aves rolls a 4 and the Stormtroopers roll a 6, the Stormtroopers decide to declare first. They decide to fire once each. Aves and Jarre both decide to fire twice. The Stormtroopers manage to wound Aves and severely wound Jarre. Both Aves and Jarre fire back as normal (no penalties applied for being injured!) and manage to kill two Stormtroopers. At the end of the first action phase Jarre falls unconscious and Aves takes a wound. As the Stormtroopers have no second round actions Aves fires again, once again killing a Stormtroopers. At the end of the round Jarre is unconscious as he's severely wounded, Aves is wounded and there are three dead Stormtroopers.

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