Missile Rules

During discussions with Chris Curtis, the conclusion was reached that the ranges for missile weapons (concussion missiles, proton torpedoes, etc.) in the SWRPG didn't seem right. Not only are starfighter missile weapons woefully under-ranged, but it doesn't seem right that Capital scale missiles should be able to travel 60 Space Units in a single action - that makes them roughly as fast as a turbolaser blast, at least as far as gameplay is concerned.

Working together, we came up with a system that can recreate the current stats as well as "fix" them and even open up new possibilities.

WEG D6 System: This system was originally designed for use with the WEG version of the Star Wars RPG. As such, no modifications are needed.

WotC D20 System: The existing rules in the WotC Core Rulebook already cover many of the concepts presented here. However, it is possible to convert the missiles themselves from the D6 stats over to d20. To do so, give the missile a Pilot Rating based on the missile's Fire Control: +5 Pilot Rating for every 1D of Fire Control (fine tune as needed). Give the missile Range Modifiers as appropriate based on the missile's maximum possible range. Convert Damage as normal based on the conversion guidelines in the Core Rulebook.

Starship Missile Rules

Starship missile weapons now have the following stats, allowing them to be used with both this alternate system and with the conventional/existing rules:

Scale: - Scale is the scale of the missile itself. Generally, this would be Speeder for starfighter missiles or Walker for capital ship missiles since missiles are small fragile things.

Fire Control: - Fire Control shows how "smart" the missile is, how good it's onboard targeting package is.

Space: - Space is just like with normal starships. This is how far the missile moves in one action or move.

Max Moves: - Max Moves is the number of moves or actions the missile can take before running out of fuel.

Range: - Range is included to be compatible with the existing rules. It is not used in the alternate system.

Damage: (Scale) - Damage works just like normal. Note, however, that the damage most likely is on a different scale (typically Starfighter or Capital) than the scale of the missile itself. This is listed explicitly.


To Hit - Missile weapons are fired as normal. Simply roll the Gunner's skill + Fire Control against the difficulty (see below). Once the missile comes into contact with the target it will detonate and deal damage to the target as normal.

Difficulty - The base difficulty to hit is derived from the range of the target. The difficulty starts at Moderate and increases one level for every Move (beyond one) that the missile must perform to reach the target. i.e. The target is at 35 Space Units, the missile has a Space of 20. Therefore, it must make two Moves before it can reach the target. The base difficulty in this case is Difficult. If the target is dodging, adjust the difficulty as normal.

Shooting the Missile Down - In any action phase where the missile is heading toward the target but has not reached it yet, the target has the opportunity to try and shoot it down. The to hit difficulty is determined by the Range Difficulty + Scale Difference Difficulty. If the missile is hit at all, it can no longer hit the target and is considered "destroyed".

Dodging after the Missile is Fired - In some cases, a target may elect to dodge the missile after it has been fired at the target. In these cases, the target may make a dodge roll, but suffers a -1D penalty in addition to any other penalties such as multiple-action penalties or scale difference penalties (scale difference of the two ships, not the missile and the target). The missile retains its original to hit roll. If the missile's to hit is still greater than the target's dodge, the missile remains on-target.


Example 1 - Recreate the proton torpedoes used by the X-wing and Y-wing.

Scale: Speeder
Fire Control: 2D
Space: 7
Max Moves: 1
Range: 1 / 3 / 7
Damage: 9D (Starfighter)

This is a short ranged torpedo that only has enough fuel to travel for one action. Therefore, it has a max range of 7.

Example 2 - A Corellian Gunship fires on a target at 42 Space Units.

Scale: Walker
Fire Control: 3D
Space: 20
Max Moves: 3
Range: 2-12 / 30 / 60
Damage: 8D (Capital)

This is a much longer ranged missile that has enough fuel to travel for 3 actions. Therefore, it has a max range of 60, but also takes 3 actions to get to that range.

First Action - The gunship fires on the target. Base difficulty is Very Difficult since the missile must make 3 Moves to reach the target. The gunner rolls his gunnery skill + the Fire Control and gets a 27, enough to hit the target.
Second Action - The target, realising it is under attack, decided to try to dodge away from the missile. The pilot makes his dodge roll (-1D for dodging the missile and -1D for being a second action) and gets a 24. The original to-hit roll is still greater, so the missile remains on-target.
Third Action - The missile reaches the target and impacts, inflicting 8D capital scale damage.

This system was created in cooperation with
Servais Sector.
Copyright © 2000-2002, Servais Sector and TORIS, all rights reserved.

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