Two Weapon Fighting

Whilst holding two pistols or two single handed Melee weapons, a Character may elect to try and use both weapons in the same action phase as part of a single attack action. To do this a character must make separate skill rolls for each attack and suffer a -2D penalty to each roll in addition to any other penalties, e.g. Multiple Actions. Characters may target multiple opponents as long as they are in range or reach. The additional penalty can be reduced to -1D if the character is Ambidextrous.

Characters wielding two single handed Melee weapons may add +1D to Melee Parry rolls when being attacked by an opponent who is only using a single melee weapon.

Example 1: Jax is in the middle of a fire fight armed with 2 Blaster pistols. He has a Blaster skill of 7D and a Dodge skill of 6D. Jax is doing two actions this round and so suffers a -1D to all skill rolls this round. In the first action phase he decides to fire one of his pistols at a Stormtrooper and rolls 6D for his Blaster skill (7D-1D=6D). Since the Stormtroopers don't have a good angle on Jax they move to a better position in their first action phase. Jax, seeing the danger, tries to neutralise as many of the Stormtroopers as possible and decides to use both Blaster pistols in his second action. So, he rolls 4D twice to shoot two separate Stormtroopers (7D-1D-2D=4D). The remaining Stormtroopers return fire and Jax decides to Dodge. Since he has already done two actions and this will be his third this round he will roll 4D for his Dodge due to multiple action penalties (6D-2D=4D). Will Jax survive???....

Example 2: Vorlan is caught up in a close quarters battle with some mercenaries and is using a vibroblade and vibrodagger. He is Ambidextrous and has the following skills: Melee Combat 6D+1, Melee Combat: Vibroblade 7D, Melee Parry 6D+2. In this round Vorlan decides to do two actions and so suffers a -1D to all skill rolls in this round. In the first action phase, Vorlan closes in on two opponents ready to attack them in the next action phase. His two opponents try to hit Vorlan with their daggers. Vorlan decides to take an additional action to parry the attacks and rolls 5D+2 due to multiple action penalties, but adds +1D because he is using two melee weapons against his attackers who are only using one each (6D+2-2D+1D=4D+2). Holding off the attack, Vorlan attempts hit both opponents in the same action phase. He rolls 4D to hit the right hand opponent with his vibroblade (7D-2D-1D=4D) and rolls 3D+1 to hit the left hand opponent with the vibrodagger (6D+1-2D-1D=3D+1).

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