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BREAKING NEWS: Devastating Earthquake Rocks Mareen
Tens of thousands are feared dead as a massive earthquake shatters Mareen’s capital city and the surrounding coastline. Our reporters in Lapira inform us that the city was struck by the massive quake at around 04:20 this morning and that it lasted for several agonising minutes as it tore the city and coastline asunder. Large sections of the city have been upturned and dumped into the ocean along with what is feared to be tens of thousands of sleeping Imperial citizens.
Emergency services from across Mareen are being mobilised and deployed to commence rescue operations, but it is already clear that the scale of the operation is colossal and with a high likelihood of aftershocks it likely to test the services to their very limits.
We will bring you more news as it comes in.
- TriNebulon News   


Grand Moff Tarkin Pledges Mareen Support
Waking to the terrible news on Mareen, Grand Moff Tarkin has held an emergency Holo-conference at the Governor’s Palace on Eriadu, declaring a sector level emergency. He has mobilised military assets from both the Navy and the Army to assist local emergency services in the crisis, promising to ‘bring aid to Imperial citizens as quickly as possible’.
From our sources we understand that several naval starships, including a pair of capital class vessels, have been issued orders to go to Mareen with all speed. The scale and speed of the response will certainly reduce causalities and bring much needed aid to the desperate people of Mareen.
- Galaxy News Service


Mareen Crisis Charity Ball & Auction
The Halacon Foundation have announced this morning that they will hold a charity ball and auction at the Grand Hall tomorrow night to raise money and supplies for people of Mareen following the devastating earthquake which has left thousands dead and many more homeless. Despite the short notice of the event, a spokesman for the foundation informs us that they have had a great response so far and that they are expecting a full house. Many business leaders and some high-ranking government officials have already come out in full support of the appeal and have confirmed their attendance.
The Halacon Foundation spokesman also confirmed that they have also received several substantial donations from the people of Aegea including the Foundation’s founder Cor Halacon. Please contact the foundation if you are able to help in any way.
- TriNebulon News  


Lapira: One Week On
The loss of life and the number of causalities in the city of Lapira on Mareen continues to rise as the crisis deepens a week on from the devastating earthquake that tore up city. The extent of the losses is not yet known, but our sources on the ground and those within the military are suggesting an unprecedented number of deaths and a rapidly escalating number of injuries not see since the Clone Wars. Embattled Naval and Army forces from across the Sector continue to bolster stretched local emergency services and rescue teams in an effort mitigate further losses and maintain order.
Grand Moff Tarkin has confirmed today that additional resources are being committed to crisis to aid the situation and help the desperate people of Mareen. The Grand Moff also announced yesterday at the Sector Level Emergency Council meeting that an expert team of Seismologists has been assembled and are on their way from the Core to assess the quake and the long term outlook for Mareen.
Aid and donations continue to pour in from across the sector and beyond. If you’d like to help please use this infolink to find out how you can help.
- Galaxy News Service


Clone Wars Medical Station into Action
Grand Moff Tarkin has announced this morning that the mothballed Medway medical station is being brought back into service to support the ongoing situation on Mareen. Capable of dealing with upwards of 80,000 patients, the station is expected to take on board its first patients within the next 48 hours. The Medway is one of twenty medical stations of its kind that served during the Clone Wars and was instrumental in keeping the army in the field.
Doctor Cara Simkin, head of the medical operation in Lapira, welcomed the news and praised the Grand Moff on his quick decisive action that will no doubt result in greater survival rates amongst the injured. She also went on to praise the efforts of the Imperial Army and Navy in making ‘a real and felt difference to the people of Mareen’.   
- Galaxy News Service


Savage Attack Leaves No Survivors
Reports have just been received of a devastating attack on a mining convoy in the Seswenna sector.
A convoy of five ships were attacked at a hyperspace jump zone in the Moshaw system at the edge of the sector just as they exited hyperspace. It appears that an unknown number of armed vessels were waiting for the convoy at the re-entry point.
The attack was one of unparalleled savagery, with no survivors left to tell the tale. All escorts and cargo haulers were destroyed at the scene, the only evidence being a scattering of debris and a small amount of footage that Imperial investigators were able to retrieve from one of the escort ships databanks. The authorities are, at this time, unaware of the reasons for this attack. Was it a hijack gone wrong, a political statement or just a mindless act of violence? In a statement released earlier today from the Office of the Imperial Security, it was confirmed that, though the assailants are currently unknown, Imperial Agents continue to investigate the incident and all leads will be followed up diligently.
Should anyone have knowledge that can shed any light on this brutal and unprovoked attack they should contact the authorities with all haste.
- TriNebulon News  


BREAKING NEWS:  Another Attack
Billionaire industrialist Marco Devitt of the Devitt Durasteel company, has been left nursing his wounded pride following a lightning raid that resulted in the loss of not only his cargo, but also his custom Freerunner starship, the Marco’s Prize.
Accompanying the latest shipment of durasteel, on route to Kuat Drive Yards, Mr Devitt and his convoy were attacked at Gulshen before leaving the Seswenna Sector. A mixture of heavily customised freighters and Cutlass 9 fighters ran rings around the convoy and its escorts according to one eye witness. With their ships outgunned and their escort outclassed, Mr Devitt had no option other than to surrender. Fortunately for Mr Devitt, there was none of the brutality seen earlier this month at Moshaw. The pirates boarded all vessels and ushered their crews and passengers into the escape pods, before making off with the cargo and the ships.
Mr Devitt is said to be furious and Devitt Durasteel have offered a 50,000 credit reward for information leading to the capture of the pirates, with a bonus if the Marco’s Prize is returned intact. The only statement we’ve had from Mr Devitt was “If I get my hands on those stinking pirates, I’ll choke them with their own red armbands! Don’t they know who I am!”
- Galaxy News Service


BREAKING NEWS:  Pirate Threat Ended
The Office of Imperial Security has announced today that the pirate group conducting the recent brutal attacks in the Seswenna sector have been eliminated and no longer pose a threat to our space lanes. A platoon from the Emperor’s finest 908th Stormtrooper Legion, supported by elements of the 42nd Imperial Army Special Missions Company, conducted a raid on their base of operations in the early hours of this morning.  It is thought that dozens of pirates have been arrested or killed in the operation with thousands of tonnes of stolen goods being recovered.
We also understand that their ruthless pirate leader was killed during the raid along with her brutish alien bodyguards. The identity of pirate leader has not yet been released by the authorities, but it is thought that she was known to Imperial Intelligence according to our sources.
We will bring you more on this story as the news comes in.
- Galaxy News Service


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