Minraava IV

Name: Minraava IV
System: Minraava
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type II
Hydrosphere: Dry
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Urban, Ocean, Mountain
Length of Day: 28 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 396 Local Days
Sentient Species: None
Starports: -
Population: -
Planet Function: -
Government: -
Tech Level: -
Major Exports: -
Major Imports: -


Adventure Idea

Grunos was re-discovered and colonised by a group of slavers, who have been using the old facilities to run their illegal operations. Some of the upper mineshafts have been reopened by the use of slave labour. The starport has been reopened and is home to the motley armada of vessels the slavers have put together.

Capsule: Originally discovered during the later expansion period of the Old Republic, the remote Minraava system is largely unremarkable. A relatively hot sun makes the inner three planets of this five planet system inhospitable, whilst the fifth planet holds a very deep orbit and thus suffers freezing temperatures. Minraava IV possessed an ideal distance from the local sun to provide a perfect base for colonisation, however the original Republic survey team noted an extremely high level of tectonic activity in the planet's crust. This high activity led to frequent volcanic eruptions, choking the normally Type I atmosphere with large amounts of dust and noxious fumes. Their attention was caught by one of the three Minraavan moons (Grunos, Fangadden and Hulst - named for three popular characters in a holodrama of the time). Grunos had sufficient core mass to be able to attract and hold a Type I atmosphere, and is possessed of a moderate hydrosphere (small lakes and rivers, no seas or oceans). This dense core had the side effect of creating several rich mineral veins through the crust of the moon which the survey team noted. Fangadden and Hulst, being of smaller size and lower core density hold a minimal atmosphere, and are home only to some single cell organisms capable of existing at the edges of the environmental envelope. Nonetheless, these single celled plants were of nutritional value.

Minraava Mineral & Mining (M3) was quickly formed and sought, and was granted, permission from the Senate to set up a mining colony on Grunos. The mines were very successful for a number of years, generating good cashflow for the company and a source of high quality ores for the market in general. During the Clone Wars this potentially important strategic resource was bombarded from orbit on a number of occasions, causing the collapse of many of the mineshafts. M3 was bankrupted by the damage, and the cost of re-opening the mines became too great with the discovery of several other suitable sites closer to the core areas. The buildings on Grunos have decayed somewhat over the years, but many remain serviceable, with a minimum of maintenance.

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