The Nova Dragons - Unit History (Era +1ABY)

Many mercenary units owe their formation to the way lives intertwine, and the Nova Dragons are no exceptionÖ

Kethan Falor was born the first son of a small, but wealthy, family on Etti. The family business, a building and design company, passed to Kethanís uncle when Kethanís father, Kolaham was killed in a construction accident. Kethanís mother always suspected foul play in the death, as the company had never previously had any fatal accidents, but could never muster enough evidence for an accusation. Needless to say, simmering family resentments led to the Falor family, Kethan, his mother and younger sister, moving to an isolated rural estate, that had belonged to Kethanís maternal grandmother. Kethanís mother gave both her children a sound education. Whilst she did school them well in the business culture of Etti, she also taught them about the wider galaxy. Kethan always found tales of interplanetary travel exciting, and showed a strong desire to travel. His grandfather taught him to fly in an old Ghtroc 720, also passing on the rudiments of astrogation and other skills needed for space travel.

Kethan was barely 17 when his grandfather died. Kethanís inheritance was the battered Ghtroc freighter his grandfather had taught him to fly in. He used this to expand his piloting skills, running cargo trips to one of the moons. Life seemed good for many months.

Then the developers moved in. The family were forcibly evicted from their land by the very company that had once been theirs, all to supply a country retreat for some nameless Imperial Admiral. Yolandra, Kethanís mother, argued long and hard with the construction boss but to no avail. The family moved in with friends and was shocked to discover that the land had been stolen from them in the Empireís name, at the behest of Vangor, Kolahamís brother. Yolandra bade her son take them far away from their homeworld. She had an old friend who lived on Corellia who would help them find a place to live, and so it was that Kethan made his first interplanetary trip as a pilot.

Yolandra was able to make enough money as an interior designer to support Kethan and his sister, Yasmina. Life was hard, but Kethan was able to help out by using the Ghtroc to haul small cargoes. When at last Kethanís meagre skills and resources could no longer keep the ship flying, he sold the hulk for parts, and bought a share in a larger ship, with a native Corellian, Boz Nango. Boz was a better pilot than Kethan, but Kethan was the better businessman. The two made a good living for almost a year, before Boz decided they needed a bigger ship. Talked round, Kethan agreed to the purchase, even though it left the pair with heavy debts, and the need to take on extra crew, as they now ran a YT2000, the Wild Fire. Loan repayments meant taking extra risks with cargo, the Wild Fire proved herself a capable ship in several scrapes with pirates, and after two years of living on the edge Kethan and Boz took hold of the title of the ship.

Kethan and Boz managed to get a regular contract with SoroSuub, hauling ball bearings. About a year into this contract, one of SoroSuubís freighter pilots, Syl, asked them if they could get him off planet. Ever the opportunist, Kethan accepted the Sullustanís credits and left Sullust as scheduled. Once they were well under way Kethan approached the sober Sullustan to find out the tale behind Sylís escape. Although a little nervous at first, Syl opened up to him explaining how ended up killing an Imperial Officer after he had attacked his sister in a bar. On hearing this tragic tale, Kethan gave Syl his credits back and offered him a place on his crew. With no home and few prospects, Syl didnít hesitate in taking up the kind offer.

It took over a year for SoroSuub to catch up with the Wild Fire; in fact they didnít actually connect the Wild Fire to Sylís disappearance at all. In a case of dumb luck, Kethan, Boz and Syl had been out in a Cantina on Ord Mantell, celebrating the birthday of one of their current gunners, when a pair of bounty hunters crashed the party. In the ensuing fire fight, both of the gunners and Boz were mercilessly shot down. Only the intervention of two strangers saved the lives of Kethan and Syl. Their saviours, Chaide and Kal, dispatched both of the bounty hunters in a volley of blaster fire. The pair then helped to carry Boz and the gunners, as they all made good their escape back to the Wild Fire.

In gratitude for their help, Kethan offered Chaide and Kal a ride off planet so they could avoid the local authorities. During the course of the journey, the four became fast friends and Kethan offered them both places on the crewÖ

A year later, full of sharp deals and close shaves, the four forged a bond of teamwork, culminating in Chaide, Kal and Syl buying shares in the Wild Fire, becoming full partners in the business. It was at this point that the concept of the Nova Dragons was developed during a drunken evening. Though they would always look to take on cargo contracts, no paying job was deemed off limits, bar slaving and bounty hunting.

Since that momentous (not to mention drunken!) evening, the Nova Dragons star has been mostly in the ascendancy. The group has expanded from the original four members to fully thirteen.



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