Private Jenna Velasquez - Alliance Special Forces Trooper

Private Velasquez is 1.6 metres tall, she has dark hair that is shaved down to stubble. She is very well muscled and has stocky build, making her look more than a little masculine. She is quite a volatile individual and can be violent when her temper flares. The only person she won't argue with is Captain Sayce, whom she holds in the highest regard. She is possibly Captain Sayce's strongest supporter and would defend him with her life without having to think about it. She is the team's support weapons expert.

Dexterity 3D
Blaster 5D+2; Blaster: Light Repeating Blaster 6D; Blaster Artillery 4D; Brawling Parry 4D+1; Dodge 6D; Firearms 5D; Grenade 5D; Melee Combat 4D; Melee Parry 3D+2; Missile Weapons 5D+1; Running 3D+1

Knowledge 2D
Streetwise 3D+2; Survival 4D; Willpower 4D

Mechancial 2D
Beast Riding 3D+1; Communications 3D; Repulsorlift Ops 4D; Sensors 3D+2; Starship Gunnery 4D

Perception 3D
Hide 5D; Investigation 4D; Search 5D; Sneak 5D+1

Strength 3D+2
Brawling 4D+2; Climbing/Jump 4D

Technical 2D
Blaster Repair 4D; Computer Prog/Repair 3D; Demolitions 4D+2; First Aid 4D; Security 3D

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Move: 10
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side points: 0
Character Points: 10

Equipment: Night Vision Goggles - 500m Range; Marcobinoculars; 50m of Syntherope; Military Long Range Comlink; Medpac; 2 Power Pack; 2 Ammo Clips; 2 Rocket Magazines; 1 kg of Thermite Gel; 10m of Detonite Tape; 5 Shaped Charges (+2D Damage per charge); Rocket Launcher (Ammo: 4 Fire Rate: 1 Range: 3-30/100/300 Blast Radius: 0-1 Damage: 6D); Light Repeating Blaster (Ammo: 25 Range: 3-50/120/300 Damage: 6D); A hip flask of Corellian Whiskey

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