Name: Ranivir
System: Raniv XP-134
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Moist
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Agricultural, Mountains, Forest, Desert, Ocean
Length of Day: 22 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 350 Local Days
Sentient Species: Human, but also many alien species
Starport: Ranis
Population: 4 million
Planet Function: Neutral Meeting Ground
Government: Democratic Republic
Tech Level: Hyperspace
Major Exports: Foodstuffs, Information
Major Imports: High Tech, Luxury Goods

Capsule: Ranivir is a small, sparsely populated Outer Rim planet, first settled over 1000 years ago. The general lack of mineral resources, and its distance from the major markets of the core has meant that the planet has remained relatively undeveloped. It remains something of a pastoral paradise, easily able to support its own populace, which has swollen in recent times with individuals seeking refuge from the civil war. Most recently, it has begun to develop as a meeting place for various business concerns of the non-aligned worlds, seen as neutral ground by all and thus conducive to meetings, even between rival companies.

Ranis s the sole settlement with a starport, and even that is only capable of handling vessels below 75m in length. In recognition of the growing need to handle larger vessels, Ranivir has acquired an orbital hub, which can service vessels up to 200m in length (but no more than 8 at any one time). A shuttle service exists between the hub and the planet's surface. The frontier atmosphere on Ranivir is encapsulated in a citizen's right to bear arms, though this extends only to standard handweapons, and not longarms. Explosives are highly controlled. Despite this right, very few locals carry weapons, and discharge of a weapon is rigorously investigated by local law enforcement. Unless exceptional circumstances apply, the least an offender can expect is to be escorted off planet, with a polite, but firm request never to return. Ranis supports a population close to 1m, mostly human, but with a significant minority of nonhumans. Whilst there are always tensions between the races, there is no discrimination. The rest of the population is spread over the planet in much smaller enclaves, supporting farming and sustainable energy production.

Ranis is a bustling city, with wide, tree lined roads and quite leafy suburbs. The centre contains the business district, home to the low level of industrial activity on planet and other storage, distribution and financial services. There are several bars and hotels; chief among them is Goolongs, a bar with a reputation for the finest things in galactic life. Any food or beverage is available, though usually at a hefty premium. The main bar is lively and well patronised, but Goolongs also provides private suites for meetings, parties and so forth, varying in size from a capacity of 10 people to over 200. The bar is built on 4 floors in total. It maintains a small accommodation suite, but these are reserved only for persons of high standing in the community.

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