Rikkt’rakka aka ‘Rik’ - Alliance Marine

‘Rik’ is a young Wookiee with dark brown, almost black fur and piercing blue eyes. He stands approximately 2.1 metres tall and has a wiry physique, which is beginning to fill out as he grows beyond his adolescence and into maturity. On his left forearm is a scar where his fur won’t grow. This is a memento from his first mission as a Rebel foot soldier, where he was injured in the line of duty.

‘Rik’ left Kashyyyk shortly after his coming of age ceremony. He was smuggled off the planet by a Rebel cell that was working to develop an underground resistance movement. The Rebels saw a spark of fire in the young Wookiee that they thought would make him an ideal candidate for the Rebel Alliance; however, they were also convinced that, if he remained on Kashyyyk, his temper and his inexperience would soon get him captured or killed.

During his time with the Alliance ‘Rik’ has developed a good range of skills and a better hold on his temper than he had had during his youth. He has an unmatched loyalty to the cause and a strong desire to protect both his squad mates and those too weak to protect themselves. He has a fondness for support weapons, but is comfortable with whatever role he is assigned, as long as he is contributing to the cause.

Dexterity 3D
Blaster 5D; Blaster Artillery 4D; Brawling Parry 4D; Dodge 5D+1; Firearms 4D; Grenade 4D+2; Melee Combat 4D; Melee Parry 4D; Missile Weapons 4D

Knowledge 2D
Streetwise 3D; Survival 4D

Mechanical 2D
Communications 3D; Repulsorlift Ops 4D; Sensors 4D; Starship Gunnery 3D

Perception 3D
Hide 4D; Search 3D+2; Sneak 4D+1

Strength 4D+2
Brawling 5D+1

Technical 1D+1
Armour Repair 3D; Blaster Repair 3D+1; Demolitions 4D; First Aid 3D+1; Security 3D+1

Race: Wookiee
Gender: Male
Move: 10
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0
Dark Side points: 0
Character Points: 3

Special Abilities:
Berserker Rage: A Wookiee who becomes enraged (the character must believe himself or those to whom he has pledged a life debt to be in immediate, deadly danger) receives a +2D bonus to
Strength for purposes of causing damage while brawling (the character's brawling skill is not increased). The character suffers a -2D penalty to all non-Strength attribute and skill checks. The Wookiee must make a Moderate Perception to calm down from berserker rage while enemies are still present. The Wookiee suffers a -1D penalty to Perception and rolls a minimum of 1D for the check. Please note that this penalty applies to enemies. After all enemies have been eliminated, the character must only make an Easy Perception total (with no penalties) to calm down.
Climbing Claws: Wookiees have retractable climbing claws which are used for climbing only. They add +2D to their climbing skill while using the claws. Any Wookiee who uses claws in hand-tohand combat is automatically considered dishonorable by other members of his species, possibly to be hunted down — regardless of the circumstances.

Equipment: Marcobinoculars; 50m of Syntherope; Military Comlink; Medpac; 2 Power Packs; Blaster Rifle (Ammo: 100 Range: 3-50/140/300 Damage: 5D+1); Vibrodagger (Difficulty: Easy Damage: STR+2D (Max 6D)); 5 Frag Grenades; 3 Stun Grenades; Heavy Duty Flak Armour (Covers: All +1D+1 Physical, +2 Energy)

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