Saviour Field Hospital

HaasCorp Medical is a recent addition to the HaasCorp stable of companies. Formed by the acquisition of Yorn Biochimica and subsequent merger with HaasCorp Life Technologies, the newly formed division has been tasked by Company Chairman Andreas Haas with the production of innovative medical equipment in the fields of both diagnosis and treatment. Given the all pervading stranglehold in the Healthcare market by the great Bacta corporations of Thyferra, several HaasCorp board members have expressed reservations as to the wisdom of this venture. In the words of the Chairman, "We didn't come this far by listening to accepted convention", a comment made at the opening of HM and widely accepted by market analysts as a statement of intent for the fledgling division.

The Saviour Field Hospital is a mobile unit containing everything needed for the treatment of a wide range of injuries and illness. It is stocked with a seamless mixture of both Yorn and HaasCorp Life Technologies specialities. From the old Yorn Biochimica comes a plethora of stabilised medical reagents for the treatment of a wide variety of illnesses and conditions. This covers vaccines, anti-toxins, stimulants and relaxants, wound accelerators, hormones together with a range of dressings. All with the much vaunted Yorn Medica technical support manual, packed with illustrated guidelines on using any and all of the kits components, with a wide variety of different races.

HaasCorp Life Technologies provides, in keeping with HaasCorp corporate credo, a multipurpose mediscanner and medical database. There is also a fully functional operating table capable of holding the heaviest Gamorrean or tallest Wookiee. The built in energy cell provides sufficient power to keep the unit functioning at full capacity for a week. Separate units keep perishables at a suitable storage temperature (there are sections for both refrigeration and deep cryostorage) for in excess of one standard year. Even when the field hospital is in transportation set up, the cooling sections remain operational. It is also possible to use an external power source for extended periods in the field.

The field hospital is mounted in a large container which can be moved around to the site of a disaster, or battle, by any vehicle that can handle the 8000kg payload. It takes a team of three around two hours to convert the field hospital from its transport configuration to normal operational status.

As well as the operating theatre, this includes a small diagnostic laboratory together with facilities for production and purification of vaccines and medicines.

Naturally all this technology and flexibility comes with a HaasCorp price tag.

Weight: 8000kg
Size: 10mx4mx2.5m (fully operational, ~half in transport configuration)
Cost: 500,000 Credits
Notes: When using the Saviour field hospital adds +2D to First Aid and Medicine rolls

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