Quad-e 250 Stalker

SoroSuub's Quad-e 250 Stalker was originally designed to serve the Empire as a special ops and a reconnaissance vessel.

The Stalker went into production a year after the Battle of Yavin, but due to disappointing sales figures it was withdrawn from production nearly a year later. The poor sales performance is attributed to its high price tag and high maintenance cost, although the Empire did invest in a number of these vessels. The principle reason for these high costs is the Stalker's hull, which combines excellent stealth capabilities with robust armour plating. Due to the Stalker's stealth armour, the hull is dark brown in colour, which also reduces its visibility both at night and in space.

The Stalker is powered by a Mark III LE Power Core, which has a low energy emissions signature making it quite difficult to detect. Its propulsion system is made up of four SoroSuub Vector 6 ion engines giving it a speed that rivals the Alliance's X-wing. These engines have light and sound baffling equipment, which are usually engaged in planet-side operations.

The Stalker is equipped with a SuperNova Technologies LRS Probe-4 sensor package, which is capable of detecting other starships long before being detected. The LRS Probe-4's greatest advantage, aside from its superior long range, is its impressive passive range making it ideal for infiltration duties.

Whilst not intended for combat duty, the Stalker does have some offensive capabilities. It's main weapon, which is located on the nose of the vessel, is a pair of heavy laser cannons that can rotate 45 degrees above or below the horizontal plane. Its secondary weapon is a pair of medium ion cannons that are mounted on a dorsal turret.

Aside from the Stalker's crew of four, which is made up of a pilot, co-pilot and two gunners, it is capable of carrying up to eight passengers and five tons of cargo. During 'Silent Running' operations the Stalker has a pair of backup batteries each capable of keeping the crew and passengers alive for one hour. These batteries may be recharged by the ship's power core at the rate of one battery every two hours, during normal starship operation. 

The Empire primarily uses the Stalker although the Alliance has managed to acquire a few of these sneaky vessels. The Imperials use the Stalker for a number of covert operations including, insertion, surveillance and scouting missions. During insertion and scouting missions the stalker usually carries speeder bikes in the cargo bay for use by its passengers. The Alliance uses their precious few Stalkers in similar operations, but usually only for high priority missions.

Craft: SoroSuub Quad-e 250 Stalker
Type: Stealth Reconnaissance Vessel
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 18m
Skill: Space Transports: Stalker
Crew: 2 Gunners: 2
Crew Skill: Astrogation 4D, Starship Gunnery 5D, Space Transports 4D+2, Starship Shields 4D, Sensors 4D.
Passengers: 8 Troops
Cargo Capacity: 5 Tons
Consumables: 2 Months
Cost: Not available for sale
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
Hyperdrive Backup: -
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 2D
Space: 8
Atmosphere: 365; 1,050 kmh
Hull: 4D
Shields: 1D+2


Passive: 90/2D
Scan: 125/3D
Search: 180/4D
Focus: 6/5D
Stealth: +4D to Sensor difficulties


2 Heavy Laser Cannons (Fire-Linked)
Fire Arc: Front
Crew: 1
Skill: Starship Gunnery
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 1-3/12/25
Atmosphere Range: 1-300/1.2/2.5km
Damage: 6D

2 Medium Ion Cannon
Fire Arc: Turret
Crew: 1
Skill: Starship Gunnery
Fire Control: 2D
Space Range: 1-3/7/36
Atmosphere Range: 1-300/700/3.6km
Damage: 5D

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