Short Story

I used this short story as an introduction to an adventure I ran a while ago. A few name changes and you've got yourself an opener for an adventure for your roleplaying group. Incidentally, the man at the end of the story turned out to be Kuat of Kuat in my adventure. Enjoy.

Your eyes open slowly and the first thing that hits you is your hangover, shortly followed by confusion as to where you are.

Initially, you just close your eyes and cast your mind back to the day before...you were at a party with someone...try as you may, you just can't remember how you got here. You don't even know where here is! You manage to compose yourself and try to discern the background noises - as it hurts to open your eyes - there is a low pitch hum, as if you were aboard a starship. What - and more importantly whose starship?

Gradually, you open your eyes to see Aves lying on the bunk opposite yours, so that's who you were with, or so it would seem...

Suddenly, a man dressed in an undecorated tan jumpsuit enters the room and says to you, "Good! You're awake - Get up!". There is venom in this man's voice and in your current state of mind you decide it's probably best to just do as he says. By the time you stand, Aves has been kicked awake and he appears to be in the same - if not worse - state than yourself. The man in the tan jumpsuit herds the pair of your out of the room, whilst, you and Aves try to gather your wits.

After what seems like an eternity you arrive at another door, it opens, and silhouetted against the cold blackness of space, is a man who appears to be holding a domesticated cat. The imposing man standing before you has an air of authority about him and you suddenly realise you're in trouble...big trouble.

"Come in gentlemen, have a seat. I trust you slept well?", he says in a soothing manner. You are just about able to say, "Yeah."

"Please sit.", he repeats. You both sit. "You gentlemen worked for the Rebel Alliance."

It wasn't a question, just cold hard fact. Suddenly, you're awake. You turn and you see Aves is alive and ready for action. "I wonder if you can help me?" he purrs....

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