Tuska Knoll - Information Broker

Tuska Knoll is a male Givin of medium build and average height for his species (around 2m). He has a healthy appetite, even for a Givin, and often conducts his business in surroundings conducive to eating on the job. In common with all of his species, he can withstand hard vacuum, though he will actively try to avoid this situation. His mild manner and dry sense of humour have been assets in his chosen line of work, as has his eidetic memory. Well travelled, he has built up an extensive knowledge of the galaxy and its many and varied species, again knowledge which helps to oil his business dealings. Being nonhuman he has felt the full force of the Empire's anti-alien policies, and because of this will assist the Alliance, though for the appropriate fee.

Tuska's early life is shrouded in mystery. All that is known for certain is that somehow he acquired a small personal fortune by some means and used this capital to set himself up as an Information Broker, based in the shadowport of Drex IV. Tuska showed a natural aptitude for this line of work, and steadily expanded his operation over a 3 or 4 year period, building up a network of spies, informers and information brokers covering such worlds as Nar Shadda, Tatooine, Ord Mantell and Brentaal. He bought the decommissioned Imperial Armoured Transport Ranger to serve as his personal transport. The ship came complete with a crew, which included the pilot, Dallara. Perceiving that his expanding empire made him a potential target for rivals, Tuska employed the services of Alyssa as his bodyguard.

Business was generally good for Tuska, until mysteriously his sources began to dry up. His usually efficient operatives found it more difficult and more expensive to gather the information that was the lifeblood of his industry. Needing to maintain his reputation whilst he struggled to put things right, Tuska was forced to begin paying over the odds to satisfy clients. This couldn't go on indefinitely, and some 18 months after the destruction of the Death Star, Tuska was facing financial ruin. Desperate, he approached various moneylenders, only to be rebuffed by them all, until... Tuska's worst nightmare, Jabba the Hutt offered Tuska enough credits to keep his operation viable for a few more months. Despite his better judgement, Tuska took the money, believing strongly in his ability to turn things round. Little did he suspect that it was Jabba himself that had caused the problems for his business, jealous that Tuska had the temerity to set up an operation in the Hutt's backyard.

Things didn't turn round, whilst the repayments kept on rising. Tuska was forced to look in the mirror, realising that if he didn't do something drastic soon, Jabba would literally own him. With a heavy heart, Tuska sold off all the assets he could, his ship, various residences he maintained, interests in various restaurants, anything he could convert into a few credits. He paid off his loyal retainers as best he could, whilst holding enough to ensure the clearance of his debt to Jabba. Free of Jabba's clutches, Tuska vowed to start over, to rebuild his empire, and to find out why it had all gone wrong in the first place. Though revenge wasn't on his mind, Tuska was certain he would do his level best to extract some measure of retribution, should he ever find out that his empire had been deliberately smashed.

GM's Note: When the PC's meet Tuska Knoll for the first time, he will invariably know something about them, using this knowledge to demonstrate his credibility and sensitive enough not to let slip anything the characters may consider threatening.

Dexterity 2D+1
Blaster 4D; Dodge 4D+1;

Knowledge 3D+2
Alien Species 4D+1; Bureaucracy 5D; Business 6D; Cultures 4D+1; Law Enforcement 4D; Planetary Systems 4D+2; Streetwise 6D+2; Survival 4D; Value 6D

Mechancial 3D+1
Astrogation 4D+2; Communications 4D; Repulsorlift Ops 4D; Sensors 4D; Space Transports 5D; Starship Gunnery 4D; Starship Shields 4D+2

Perception 3D
Bargain 6D; Con 6D; Hide 4D; Investigation 6D+2; Persuasion 5D; Search 4D+1; Sneak 4D+1

Strength 2D+1
Stamina 3D

Technical 3D+1
Blaster Repair 4D; Computer Prog/Repair 5D; Droid Prog/Repair 4D+2; Security 4D; Space Transports Repair 4D+1;

Racial Abilities:
Mathematical Aptitude
(+2D bonus when using skills involving mathematics, including, Astrogation. They can automatically solve most simple equations)
Vacuum Protection
(+2D bonus to Strength or Stamina rolls when resisting a vacuum or harsh elements. For a Givin to survive for 24 hours in a complete vacuum, it must make an Easy Stamina roll, with the difficulty level increasing by one every hour thereafter)
Increased Consumption
(Givin must eat at least three times the amount of food a normal human would consume or they lose the above protection)

Race: Givin
Gender: Male
Move: 8
Force Sensistive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side points: 0
Character Points: 12

Equipment: Navy Light Robes; Blaster Pistol (4D); Comlink; Datapad

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