Genesis Vanquish

Model: Genesis Vanquish
Type: Anti-Vehicle Railgun
Scale: Speeder
Skill: Missile Weapons: Railgun
Ammo: 4
Availability: X
Cost: 18,000 (Ammo: 250, 2 Power Packs: 50)
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 10-300/600/1km
Damage: 7D
Notes: The Vanquish requires two standard power packs in addition to its actual ammo. These power packs have sufficient power to fire four shots.

Capsule: In a bid to expand the market for their railgun technology, Genesis decided to push further into the military markets of the galaxy with the development of the ‘Vanquish’. A new division of the company was set up to develop a range of anti-vehicle weaponry based on the railgun technology that was integral to the birth of the Mark V Heavy Recoilless Rifle. The ‘Vanquish’ was created to be wielded over the shoulder, using a complex HUD targeting system accessed though a targeting reticule, to improve its accuracy.

Initially, although the principle of the weapon was sound, it failed to meet expectations. The larger projectiles failed to have the stopping power that was required for use against vehicles and the rate of fire was too slow for the ‘Vanquish’ to be used as an effective anti-infantry weapon. Following a number of failed trials, a junior engineer with the company suggested that maybe the problem was not with the weapon, but with its ammunition. This idea sparked renewed hope in the development team and, following further research and development, a new solid slug made of a denser alloy than is used in the smaller railguns was unveiled. It consisted of a highly conductive outer skin with an extremely dense core, which served to give it far more punch than the earlier projectiles. It was then coated in a complex polymer in order to aid armour penetration. Using this ammunition, the ‘Vanquish’ proved to be far more successful in trials, and soon was ready to be marketed.

The ‘Vanquish’ itself is 1.2 metres long, 800 mm of which is barrel. The main body of the weapon is very sleek, far less bulky than one would expect for a weapon of the Vanquish’ power. The four shot magazine is at the rear of the gun, dropping down behind the firer’s shoulder and providing a balancing weight to compensate for the extended barrel. An aiming HUD folds out from the side of the weapon to sit in front of the firer’s right eye. Its ammunition is matte black and tapers to a point at the forward end. Each projectile is 300 mm long and 60 mm wide.

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