Warrior Powersuit

Model: Kase Warrior Powersuit
Type: Combat Powersuit
Skill: Powersuit Operation: Warrior
Protection: Head, Torso, Arms & Legs (+3D Physical, +2D Energy and -2D to all DEX skills)
Availability: 2, X
Cost: 29,000 Credits

-The suit's powerful servos add +3D to Lifting and Brawling & Melee damage rolls.
-Move:10, uses Powersuit Operation.
-The soles of the Warrior's boots may be magnetised.
-The suit has an 8-hour air supply.
-Environmentally controlled body glove.
-TAS - +2D to ranged weaponry attacks, if the weapon has been set up. -1D to ranged weaponry attacks, if the weapon has not been set up. These modifiers are in addition to the powersuit's DEX penalties. To set up a weapon it requires a Moderate Armour Repair roll or an Easy Computer Programming roll, and it takes approximately 20 minutes. TAS only covers armour mounted or hand held ranged weaponry, it does not cover grenades or melee weapons.
-IR Vision - Grants the user heat based vision, effective range of 200m.
-Left Forearm Blaster - Skill: Armour Weapons; Fire Rate: 2; Range: 5/10/25m; Damage: 4D; Ammo: Infinite whilst the suit has power.
-HMG - Skill: Armour Weapons; Range: 5/15/40m; Damage: 5D+1; Ammo: 30.
-Heavy Blaster - Skill: Armour Weapons; Range: 5/50/110m; Damage: 5D+2; Ammo: 15.
-The suits power supply lasts for sixty hours before it needs recharging. It takes six hours to recharge the suit.
- Multi Channel Comlink with encoding and a 50km range

Capsule: Kase's Warrior powersuit is designed for heavy combat engagements in virtually any environment. Its heavy-duty Duratheen armour plates and its integral environment body glove enables the Warrior to fulfil this role. The suit's powerful servos, which are powered by two trilithium batteries, enable the wearer to operate this impressive powersuit. The trilithium batteries allow the suit to operate for up to sixty hours before they need recharging. The batteries can then be recharged by being plugged into a standard power supply for six hours.

The Warrior's body glove allows the wearer to operate comfortably in both hard vacuum and temperatures up to 70°C. The suit has a filtration unit in the helmet for normal respiration and an eight hour air supply, both of which can be tailored to the wearer's biological requirements. The suit also features boots that may be magnetised.

The suit's helmet contains an impressive array of equipment, including, a multi channel communicator with a 50km range, IR vision capability, external microphone and speaker system, and Targeting Acquisition Software (TAS). All these functions are operated via a concealed control panel, which is located on the underside of the suit's left forearm. They can also be controlled via voice activated commands in an emergency or in combat.

The TAS system collates information about the powersuit's stance and position through the suit's servos and joints. It then extrapolates this information and calculates the aim of the user. The user's aim is then shown on the Warrior's HUD as a crosshair, giving the user incredible accuracy. TAS can be used for both armour mounted and hand held ranged weaponry. However, the software requires setting up for each weapon used to ensure the system's accuracy. Each weapon is usually assigned a number by the user and in a combat situation the user calls out the number to switch to a different weapon configuration. The number of the weapon in use is displayed on the HUD in the top right corner.

On the topside of the left forearm the Warrior has a short-range blaster, which is powered directly from the suit's trilithium batteries, giving it a virtually inexhaustible power supply. Mounted on the underside of the Warrior's right forearm is a heavy machine gun (HMG) and a heavy blaster. The HMG's ammo is belt fed and the heavy blaster is powered by standard blaster clips. All the weapons are triggered via a voice command, and can easily be removed and replaced with different weapons.

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