Workhorse Powersuit

Model: Kase Workhorse Powersuit
Type: Multipurpose Powersuit
Skill: Powersuit Operation: Workhorse Powersuit
Protection: Head, Torso, Arms & Legs (+2D Physical, +1D+2 Energy and -2D to all DEX skills)
Availability: 2, F
Cost: 8,000 Credits

-The suit's powerful servos add +3D+2 to Lifting

-The left arm houses a retractable Fusion Cutter (3D+2 Damage, Speeder Scale), uses various Technical skills (e.g. Starship Repair).

-The right arm houses a retractable Fusion Welder, uses various Technical skills.

-A fire extinguisher is mounted on the suit's right shoulder. Range: 8m Coverage: 15m

-Move:10, uses Powersuit Operation.

-The soles of the Workhorse's boots can be magnetised.

-The suit has an 8-hour oxygen supply, plus a 2-hour emergency reserve.

-Environmentally controlled body glove.

-The suits power supply lasts for 10 hours before it needs recharging. It takes half an hour to recharge the suit.

Capsule: The Workhorse powersuit is used for repairs onboard many starships and space installations. Its powerful arms, built-in tools and the ability to work in a vacuum makes the Workhorse the first choice for many spacers during an emergency repair.

This bipedal powersuit is quite bulky providing the wearer some limited protection from falling and space debris. The suit's hands however aren't bulky, thus enabling the wearer to perform some quite dextrous tasks. The suit has powerful arms designed to lift heavy hull patches. Mounted on top of the right forearm is a retractable fusion cutter and mounted on top of the left forearm is a retractable fusion welder. In addition to these tools, the Workhorse has a fire extinguisher mounted on the right shoulder. The fire retardant spray is designed to extinguish electrical fires, although it can be used on normal fires as well. The suit's environmentally controlled body glove with an eight-hour oxygen supply and a two-hour oxygen reserve enables comfortable and safe operation in a vacuum. In addition to this, the suit's boot soles can be magnetised, enabling the wearer to walk safely across the hull of a starship. The suit's air and fire retardant spray tanks are mounted on the back of suit. The suit also has a storage compartment on each thigh for storing tools.

The Workhorse is beginning to get a bad reputation because a number of pirate groups and privateers have started using them during starship boarding actions.

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