Explorer Communications Network

ComTec's Explorer Communications Network, ECN, is an advanced communications network that utilizes audio, video and datastreams in its transmissions. The system is designed to be used by explorers, scouts and mining prospectors. The system also has some use as a security tool.

The network is made up of three types of components, network controllers (ECNC), node units (ECNU) and communications units (ECU). ECUs are personal devices that transmit information to its assigned ECNU, which in turn transmits the data to its assigned network controller. ECNUs are capable of handling up to twelve ECUs at any one time, whilst ECNCs are capable of handling two node units simultaneously. Datastreams and video are one way to the ECNC, whilst the audio functions can be used up, down and across the network.


An ECU comprises of a modular headset and a powerpack. The headset is designed so that it can be easily modified to suit the needs of the user and their equipment. The modules making up the headset are as follows - a micro digital video camera, which has three settings - infrared, low light and standard; an earpiece and mike for audio communication; a life sign monitor; and a control module. The headset's frame contains power couplings for each of the modules, and a cable that connects the headset to the powerpack. The whole unit weighs a little under a kilogram and is quite comfortable to wear.

The modules can be used independently from the headset as long as they are all connected to the control module. This allows a wide range of equipment to be used in conjunction the ECU.

The ECU continuously transmits its video footage and the user's vital signs to its assigned ECNU, whilst it only transmits audio communication when the user opens the channel. This continuous transmission drains the unit's powerpack relatively quickly and as a result only lasts for six hours. It also makes the network easy to detect, but thanks to advanced rotating encryption, the network is nearly impossible to decrypt without the right equipment and codes. The unit as a 20km range.

Model: ComTec Explorer Communications Unit (ECU)
Type: Communications Network Unit
Cost: 4,000 Credits


The ECNU plays a vital link between the ECUs assigned to it and the network controller (ECNC). The unit receives all the data from the ECUs and combines the information into a single datastream and sends it to the network controller.

The unit itself is 300mm (H) x 250mm (W) x 180mm (D), and is mounted on a frame with shoulder straps so it can be carried like backpack. The unit is covered in a heavy-duty waterproof canvas, which offers excellent protection from the elements. The whole assembly weighs about eight kilograms.

Once configured, the ECNU requires no further intervention by the user and will operate unsupervised. The unit has a 100km range and is powerful enough to transmit even through some very dense materials. The unit's battery lasts for up to eight hours of continuous operation.

Model: ComTec Explorer Communications Node Unit (ECNU)
Type: Communications Network Node
Scale: Character
Cost: 10,000
Body: 3D+2


The network controller is a large piece of equipment that is usually installed on a starship or ground vehicle and runs of its power supply. This all in one unit comprises of a large viewscreen, 1,200mm wide and 800mm high, which is split into twenty-four 200mm squares. Each separate square displays the video footage transmitted from a single ECU. The life signs of each ECU user are indicated by a series of small lights below the main view screen. The unit also has a small secondary viewscreen, which is positioned on the upper right hand side of the main screen and is 300mm square. Below this screen is a series of buttons that enables the user to select which ECU is displayed on the secondary viewscreen. As default setting, the secondary monitor will switch to display the video footage of the ECU user who is currently talking over the network. The ECNC is controlled by a keypad, which sits in front of the viewscreens. Next to the keypad is the unit's speakers and mike for audio communication.

The ECNC sports a backup battery, which can provide up to an hour's worth of power. The unit also has four expansion bays for additional ComTec products.

Model: ComTec Explorer Communications Network Controller (ECNC)
Type: Communications Network Controller
Cost: 32,000 Credits

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