Arm yourself and gather your gear before heading into the SW universe


Miscellaneous Equipment & Weapons

  Cluster Mine  
  The Cluster Mine is a space mine produced by Lorrad Corp. and is designed to protect restricted areas of space for an extended period of time By Dean Magill. Artwork by Jay Thurman
  Explorer Communications Network  
  An advanced communications network that utilizes audio, video and datastreams in its transmissions By Dean Magill
  Genesis Vanquish  
  A powerful Anti-vehicle railgun capable of bringing down almost any vehicle encountered on the battlefield By Jon Conway
  BlasTech's Guardsman is designed to provide a static automatic point defence system By Dean Magill
  Repulsor Beds  
  Repulsor Beds are used all over the Galaxy for a wide range of tasks and have proven to be extremely useful By Dean Magill
  Saviour Field Hospital  
  HaasCorp Medical's mobile unit containing everything needed for the treatment of a wide range of injuries and illness By Dave Powell

Personal Equipment

  Advanced Combat Helmet  
  Kase's Advanced Combat helmet offers the user a large amount flexibility and durability By Dean Magill
  Blast Armour  
  Blast Armour is both affordable and durable, making it an ideal choice for many spacers By Dean Magill
  Hunter Armour  
  Kase's Hunter Armour is quite popular amongst bounty hunters, mercenaries and planetary forces By Dean Magill
  Medi Scanner  
  ICS Technologies' Medi Scan is used to to detect signs of injury or illness. This portable device is extremely useful in the field By Dean Magill
  Centrex's Red Dot Sight for use with virtually any personal sidearm By Jon Conway
  Pointmaster 25  
  Centrex's Telescopic Sight for use with virtually any type of rifle By Jon Conway
  Warrior Powersuit  
  Kase's combat powersuit, the Warrior, is designed for heavy combat engagements By Dean Magill
  Workhorse Powersuit  
  Kase's multipurpose powersuit, the Workhorse, is designed to aid the wearer to perform emergency repairs on starships By Dean Magill

Personal Weaponry

  CS-25 Combat Shotgun  
  Krya Arms' most recent and popular Combat Shotgun By Dean Magill
  Deluxe Tiger V Rifle  
  Galacore's latest entry into the luxury hunting rifle market By Dean Magill
  Genesis Mk I Heavy Recoilless Rifle  
  This rare Railgun carries a nasty punch By Jon Conway. Artwork by Mick Green
  Genesis Mark V Heavy Rifle  
  This powerful hunting rifle makes an excellent sniper's weapon By Jon Conway. Artwork by Mick Green
NEW Genesis Vanquish  
  A high powered anti-vehicle railgun By Jon Conway.
  Plasma Grenade  
  Avis' Plasma Grenade is one of the best Anti-Personnel grenades on the market today and sees a lot of action with mercenaries units around the Galaxy By Dean Magill. Artwork by Jay Thurman
  Proton Grenade  
  One of Merr Sonn's most popular demolition devices within the Alliance. Used extensively by Rebel Special forces teams By Dean Magill
  Stun Grenade  
  One of Merr Sonn's many stun grenades. Its greatest benefit is its ability to be reused By Dean Magill. Artwork by Jay Thurman
  Tu'nang Ro Boomerang - Rooballa  
  A cultural weapon of the Tu'nang Ro By Jon Conway
  Tu'nang Vibro-Spear - Yarai  
  A cultural weapon of the Tu'nang Ro By Jon Conway
  Wrist Rocket Launcher  
  Merr Sonn's latest wrist mounted rocket launcher and additional types of rockets for it and similar launchers By Dean Magill

Starship Equipment

  Starship Landing Claw  
  A very useful device that can provide a starship with a stable connection to a spacedock, a cargo pod, uneven terrain or even another starship By Dean Magill
  Threat Warning Indicator  
  SuperNova Technologies' TWI is designed to warn a pilot when his starship is being targeted by enemy starships By Dean Magill

Starship Weaponry

  Auto Defence Laser  
  The ADL is Lorrad Corp.'s latest product in the starship weapons market and is designed to provide hassel free defence from pirates By Dean Magill
  IP-6 Warhead  
  The IP-6 is a recent development in warhead technology by Krupx By Dean Magill
  Strike Missile Launcher  
  An impressive anti-starfighter weapon, designed to serve aboard Alliance Capital-Class starships By Dean Magill
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