Deluxe Tiger V Rifle

Model: Galacore Deluxe Tiger V Rifle
Type: Luxury Hunting Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms: Hunting Rifle
Ammo: 10
Cost: 8,500 (Ammo: 20) Credits
Availability: F, 2
Range: 1-300/700/1km Damage: 6D+2 (Physical)
Notes: Scope provides +2 to hit when aiming.

Capsule: Galacore's Deluxe Tiger V Rifle is their latest entry into the luxury hunting rifle market. This hand constructed weapon, is finely crafted and has a very smooth action that few rifles can match. However, the weapon is over priced and has a very limited scope for the price the customer pays.

With the Tiger V being hand crafted, Galacore are unable to produce high volumes of the weapon and so the Tiger V is only generally available in the Core and Inner Rim. These factors all add to the weapon's exclusiveness, making it even more desirable to the rich hunter.

The weapon itself is 1.1 meters long and is made of triotain, a lightweight metal alloy. The Tiger V comes in a matt black finish as standard, but there are other finishes available at an extra cost. The straight ten round ammo clip fits into the rifle just ahead of the trigger and comes in a stone metal finish as standard.

The Tiger V is only usually used by the rich who hunt as a hobby, and is rarely seen outside the Coreward regions of the Galaxy.

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