Wrist Rocket Launcher Mk 3

Model: Merr Sonn Wrist Rocket Launcher Mk 3
Type: Wrist Rocket Launcher
Scale: Character
Skill: Armour Weapons: Wrist Rocket Launcher
Ammo: 2
Availability: X
Cost: 900 (Ammo: 400) Credits
Fire Rate: 1
Range: 0-5/10/20m
Blaster Radius: 0-1/3m
Damage: 5D/3D+2

Capsule: Merr Sonn's Wrist Rocket Launcher Mk 3 (WRL3) is the latest addition to their personal weapon range. Designed to be worn with or without armour, the WRL3 consists of a mounting plate and a pair of dorsal rocket launchers side by side. The mounting plate is home to the weapon's controls and incorporates a triangular hand guard to prevent potential injury to the wearer. The WRL3 is worn on top of the bearer's forearm and is held there by a pair heavy duty straps.

The launchers themselves each hold a single high explosive rocket, but they cannot be fired simultaneously as there is a risk that they would collide in mid air. In addition to the high explosive warhead, Merr Sonn offers a wide range of other types of warhead that may be used with the WRL3, including smoke and incendiary rounds.

The WRL3 has sold well in the market place and is popular with both bounty hunters and mercenaries.

Additional Types of Rockets

Model: Merr Sonn Micro Smoke Rocket
Type: Micro Smoke Rocket
Scale: Character
Cost: 140 Credits
Range: 0-5/10/20m
Blast Radius: 0-2m
Damage: -
Notes: Releases a thick, obscuring smoke that adds +2D to shooting difficulties for three Rounds when firing through it and then +1D for two rounds.

Capsule: Designed to be used in Merr Sonn's Wrist Rocket Launchers, the Micro Smoke Rocket is a non-lethal rocket that releases a dense cloud of smoke on impact. This cloud of grey smoke only provides effective cover for about twenty five seconds before harmlessly dispersing.

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