Jae Wollen - Alliance Intelligence Agent

Jae is a twenty two year old human male from the back streets of Coronet, which is the capital city of Corellia. He has green eyes and straight unstyled black hair of medium length. He has an average build and stands at 1.81m tall. He seems to lack any distinguishing features and has the kind of face that would easily be forgotten if you walked by him in the street. Jae is intelligent, streetwise and also possesses keen observational skills, making him ideal for his role as an Alliance Intelligence Agent.

Of his early life he can remember very little, what he does remember is little more than fleeting images and emotions. It is as if he woke up at the age of thirteen with his past being a fading dream. Consequently, Jae has no idea how he ended up being an orphan or indeed a member of the Quillian Gang.

As with most gang members of that age, Jae started off as a pickpocket. Whilst he very good at picking out an easy mark or a big haul, his execution in the lift left something to be desired. The head honcho of the gang, recognising Jae's natural intelligence and observational skills, decided to set him to work gathering information and rumours for the gang to sell on through their Information Brokers. This shrewd decision more than paid dividends for the gang and nearly doubled the profits that the Brokers were making.

It was through this change in 'career', that Jae eventually learned of the plight of the Galaxy under the yoke of the Empire. Outraged and disgusted at the atrocities and stories he heard, Jae decided that he wished to aid the Alliance in their quest for freedom. Using his contacts, he eventually managed to contact a member of the Alliance underground on Corellia and joined the cause. Jae went on to recruit his best friend, Sam Corbut, and they soon proved to be invaluable to the fledgling Rebel cells on Corellia.

Their membership, however, soon conflicted with their Quillian Gang commitments. Knowing that they could never leave the gang and remain on Corellia, the Alliance arranged for them to be smuggled off planet.

Since leaving Corellia, the pair have continued to work together for Alliance Intelligence, gathering intelligence and supporting agents of the Alliance in the field, to bring about the downfall of the Empire.

Dexterity 2D+2
Blaster 5D; Dodge 5D+2; Pick Pocket 3D+2; Running 4D

Knowledge 3D+1
Bureaucracy 5D; Business 4D+2; Cultures 4D+1; Law Enforcement 4D; Planetary Systems 4D+2; Streetwise 7D+2; Value 5D+2

Mechanical 2D+1
Communications 3D; Repulsorlift Ops 4D;

Perception 3D
Bargain 6D+2; Con 5D+2; Investigation 7D+1; Persuasion 5D+2; Search 4D+2; Sneak 5D

Strength 2D+2

Technical 2D+1
Computer Prog/Repair 4D; Security 4D

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Move: 10
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 1
Dark Side points: 0
Character Points: 10

Equipment: Hold-out Blaster Pistol (3D+2); Comlink; Datapad

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