One of the two sapient species that inhabit the Mid Rim planet Glee Anselm, Nautolans are amphibious humanoids with mottled green skin. They have large lidless black eyes, which grant them excellent vision in low light conditions, and in place of hair have a mass of long tendrils. Nautolans have a reinforced skeletal structure and tough rubbery skin that allows them to swim at considerable depths and also makes them very resilient.

A Nautolan’s tendrils act as an additional sensory organ that can detect pheromones, albeit their sensitivity is somewhat diminished in non-aquatic environments. This ability tends to mean that Nautolans will empathise with those around them as well as understand their emotional state.  Their native tongue, which can only be pronounced underwater, relies heavily on this characteristic as much of the meaning is conveyed through pheromones. Out of the water, Nautolans speak either basic or Anselmian, the language of the surface dwelling species that they share their homeworld with.

The Anselmi and Nautolans have largely coexisted peacefully, however, there have been occasional and brief conflicts between the two - largely due to the encroachment of the Anselmi on Nautolan territories. Since the rise of the Empire these conflicts seem to have increased in frequency and there are some who believe that this is no mere coincidence…

Nautolans have a love for adventure and whilst not all that common, they can be found throughout the galaxy doing all manner of jobs.  

Attribute Dice: 12D 


Special Abilities:  

Amphibious: Nautolans can breathe in both water and air.
Emotion Sense:
Nautolans have the ability to sense the emotions of others. This confers to a +1D bonus (+2D in an aquatic environment) to Con, Intimidation, Bargain, Persuasion, Gambling and Seduction.
Empathy: Nautolans can not only sense the emotions of others, but will to a certain extent feel the same emotion in response. When a nearby character is using a psychological skill, such as Willpower, then this will confer a +/- 1D if the Nautolan needs to make a similar roll (e.g. Garn is rolling Willpower to resist Intimidation but he fails. Renko, a Nautolan, is then Intimidated, and is at -1D to their Willpower roll because they are feeling some of the panic that made Garn give in. If Garn had been able to resist, Renko would have been at +1D).
Enhanced Sight:
Nautolans’ eyes are naturally attuned to perceive in low light conditions. They receive a +1D bonus to all Perception or Search rolls in low light. Nautolans can see clearly in aquatic environments providing there is sufficient light.
Pheromone Communication: Nautolans have the ability to communicate with others of their species through the release of pheromones.
Tough Body:
Nautolans have a reinforced skeletal structure and tough rubbery skin granting them a +2 to resist physical attacks. 

Move: 10 (6 in water)
Size: 1.6-2.0m

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