Name: Trebushant
System: -
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Dales, Forest, Ocean, Mountain, Desert
Length of Day: 24.5 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 352 Local Days
Sentient Species: Humans & a variety of other Races
Starports: Standard
Population: 365,703
Planet Function: Alliance Safe World
Government: Trebushant Council
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: -
Major Imports: Technology of all types

Addendum: Trebushant is an Alliance Safe World in an unnamed and uncharted system, deep in the Outer Rim. The planet is located well off the beaten track and is over forty two hours away (by a Class One hyperdrive) from the nearest outpost, which is home to some retired scouts and their families. Trebushant is the only planet in the system and it possesses a single barren moon, which is dark grey in colour.

The planet itself is covered in rolling dale land, lush forests, deep oceans, rocky mountain ranges and the odd small desert. Trebushant's weather tends to be fairly pleasant all year round, despite seasonal changes. The planet is teeming with wild life of all shapes and sizes, although there are few things that could threaten an adult humanoid.

As an Alliance Safe World the planet has only two population centres. The largest of these is the settlement of Dryrr Honducce, literally meaning 'Rushing Water' in Wookie, which is located in a wide valley next to a large fast flowing river. The second centre is the Alliance military training base, which is located in the mountain range twenty five kilometres east of the settlement.

Dryrr Honducce is a relatively small town with nearly ninety nine percent of the planet's population inhabiting this tranquil town on a river bend. The buildings in the town tend to be no taller than four stories high and many of the older buildings are temporary prefab kits that were used when Trebushant was first settled. The locals are the families of Alliance personnel or refugees of the Galactic Civil War. As might be expected, they come from a variety of races and from all walks of life. The town's industry is primarily focused on the production of food and other items necessary for survival. Dryrr Honducce does, however, have a production facility capable of producing X-wing starfighters in very small numbers (approximately twenty five a year). Any other goods required for the town are brought in by infrequent Alliance support vessels to the town's small starport.

The Alliance's Training Base, Hawk's Nest, is responsible for the safety of the planet's citizens above all else. Secondary to this, the base is also responsible for guarding the X-wing factory and for training new and existing personnel. The base itself is actually located in some natural and man made caves in a large rocky mountain. The base has four entrances, two of which provide acess for personnel. The largest entrance, which is located on the lowest floor of the base, leads to the base's hanger bay and is big enough to allow light freighters to pass. The final entrance is located on the top floor of the base and leads to the speeder bay.

The base has a squadron of X-wings, Striker Squadron, a squadron of Y-wings, Reaper Squadron, and the battered YT-1300, Dawn, permanently assigned to it for security and training purposes.

General Kraffe, a human from Kaymore, oversees the base's operations and has three hundred personnel under his command. The base has space for two hundred trainees in addition to the base's staff. Hawk's Nest's trainers are amongst the best in the Alliance and between them can train Alliance personnel in virtually any field.

Hawk's Nest

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