Unit Rules

Starting Skills & Attributes

Rather than generate separate character sheets for each member of your unit, you simply generate one character sheet for your entire unit that is representative of its members. Although I recommend drawing up names and brief backgrounds for each of the members, this simply makes it easier to roleplay the unit. A typical unit's Attribute mimimums/maximums are the same as a human's, i.e. 2D minimum and 4D maximum in all Attributes. This is because most units will be mainly comprised of humans and therefore will represent the average case; obviously units that are primarily made of a different race should have their Attribute minimums/maximums. Regardless of race each unit may split 16 dice between it's Attributes. A unit may have 2 specializations and may split 4D between skills. Typically a unit should not be Force Sensitive. All other normal rules for character generation apply, including the GM's discretion.

Units should come equipped with gear relevant to their mission profile, e.g. an X-wing Squadron should come equipped with X-wings.

Special Members of a Unit

Certain members within a unit will be above the norm and will have a specific role within the unit. These members include Medics, Commanding Officers, Demolitions Officers, Marksmen, etc. These 'Special Members' may have an extra 1D to spend on a skill or may have the Command skill. To determine how many 'Special Members' your unit has refer to the table below (always round the number of unit members down).

No. of Unit Members
No. of 'Special Members'
Approximately 1/5 of Unit Members

Special Members may only spend their extra dice on skills that are relevant and helpful to the unit in performing its role. Once you have chosen your skill make a note of it next to the name of the 'Special Member'.

Improving a Unit's Skill/Attribute

Units spends character points to improve Skills and Attributes in the normal fashion, however since there is more than one person in a unit the cost of improving is multiplied by the number of unit members. So if a unit of 30 troops (excluding 'Special Members') wishes to improve their blaster skill from 3D+2 to 4D it will cost 90 character points. Also, you may not upgrade unit members individually (except 'Special Members'), so if the same unit of troops only had 60 character points they could not improve their blaster skill. Units should not improve more than 2 skills per mission.

The same rules apply to buying skills and specializations.

Improving a 'Special Member'

'Special Members' may be improved individually using the unit's character points, since these members are above the norm. Unlike the normal unit members, 'Special Members' may improve up to 3 skills per mission. However, if the 'Special Member's' unit improves a skill, then that member must also improve that skill at the relevant character points cost.

'Special Members' may buy skills and specializations in the normal way, just make a note of them next to the members name.

Example: Mike's unit of 10 troopers is made of 8 standard troopers and two 'Special Members'. Mike chose to have a marksman (+1D to Blaster) and a commander (the command skill) as his 'Special Members'. After two missions Mike's unit has 60 character points to spend. He decides that he wants to improve the unit's blaster skill, which is currently 3D (except the marksman who has a blaster skill of 4D). Because Mike wishes to improve the unit as a whole everyone is forced to improve that skill. To do this he will need to spend 31 character points (Standard troopers (8x3)+Commander (1x3)+Marksman (1x4)=31). Mike also decides that he wishes to improve his commander's command skill, which is currently 3D+1. To do this it will cost 3 character points. In all Mike has used up 34 character points which will leave him with 26 character points for his unit's next mission.

Unit Casualties

Unfortunately people die, and being a member any sort of unit usually doesn't help matters. If a member of the unit is killed, a fresh member, at the GM's discretion, may replace them. Since the character sheet is representative of the unit there should be no changes to the sheet. If you're really unlucky and one of your 'Special Members' dies, they are replaced by a standard unit member who may have an extra 1D in a skill or may have the command skill.

Roleplaying Units Tips

1. Always have at least the number of unit members x 2.5 in character points left over for your next mission. I guarantee you'll need them.

2. Remember that your unit members won't be as tough as your normal characters.

3. When improving skills concentrate on improving your unit as a whole and not on 'Special Members' only.

4. When creating your unit consider carefully what it's role will be, and choose skills which will help your unit fulfill that role.

5. 'Special Member's' skills should again be helpful in fulfilling the unit's role.

6. Don't use your units as cannon fodder, it won't go down well with your commanding officer.

7. Acquire as much equipment for your unit that you can.

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