Veteran Imperial Army Troopers

With a number of campaigns and tours of duty under their belts, Veteran Army Troopers are amongst the best regular line units the Empire has to offer. Typically, each trooper has served in the Army for five or more years and performed well above average during that time. Active service and combat experience has sharpened their skills to a point that they are comparable to standard Stormtroopers, a comment that is frequently made by senior officers with the Imperial Army.

Imperial Army doctrine requires that at least one Platoon in every Battalion is a Veteran Platoon. In this way they can share their skills with the regular troops and the Battalion's Major has some highly skilled units at his disposal.

Typical Stats:

Dexterity 3D
Blaster 4D+2; Blaster: Rifle 5D+1; Blaster Artillery 3D+2; Brawling Parry 4D; Dodge 4D+2; Grenade 4D+2; Melee Combat 3D+2; Melee Parry 3D+2; Missile Weapons 4D; Vehicle Blasters 3D+2

Knowledge 2D
Intimidation 3D; Law Enforcement 2D+2; Law Enforcement: Imperial Military Code 3D+1; Survival 3D

Mechanical 2D
Ground Vehicle Operation 2D+2; Hover Vehicle Operation 2D+1; Repulsorlift Operation 3D

Perception 2D+1
Hide 3D; Search 3D+1; Sneak 3D

Strength 3D+1
Brawling 4D+1; Stamina 4D

Technical 2D
Demolitions 2D+2; First Aid 3D


Veterans Under Fire - Veteran Imperial Army Troopers are cool under fire and Suppression Fire shots against them have a difficulty value of Very Difficult rather than Difficult. (See Suppression Fire Rules for clarification).

Equipment: Field Armour & Helmet (+1D Physical, +2 Energy); Blaster Rifle (5D); 4 Fragmentation Grenades (5D); Utility Belt with Supplies


 The above is loosely based on the entry in WEG's Rules of Engagement Sourcebook

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